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Sayri Adventure

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We are team of 4 people making family-friendly exploration-puzzle game Sayri Adventure. We name our company Vidloonnya Reborn, where the first word has Ukrainian roots meaning – “Echo” Our team is distributed over few countries and many cities. We are proud that there are many people ready to support us all over the world, because they love what we do and would like to be a part of our success.


Let's start from a very beginning.

My name is Artem Savotin, and I represent a Ukrainian team Vidloonnya Reborn. I’ve got into IT business more than 12 years ago. Games and game business always were a hot theme for me. I’ve created my own game projects at school and in the university along with my artist friend. I was a developer. After graduating from the university I was working on enterprise development and outsourcing, where I went from a developer to a leader of a German IT company in Ukraine.

For me it all started from DevGAMM 2016, where I went to understand what is a game dev inside. I’ve decided there that I want to work on premium games, not F2P, since the creation of a fully functional commercial product was closer and clearer to me.

After the DevGAMM in May 2016, we’ve started to experiment, and the first idea was based on evolution theme. The first prototype wasn’t very successful, alas. We’ve experimented with the control methods, and that appeared to be a typical beginner’s mistake, though the idea appeared to be very interesting from the first sight.

That first development team consisted mainly of me and Vasyl - our primary UE4 developer. At that moment Vasyl was still working with Unity, but he was experimenting with Unreal Engine for evenings and weekends and tried to convince me that it was much better.

At that time I was exploring the market and noticed the amazing game Pikmin, which I’ve used to play on Nintendo Wii. By then, let's plays for the 3rd part were available, and they looked much better than everything I used to see. But most importantly, I was charmed by the very idea of a game where a hero finds himself on an unexplored planet. To move forth, he was looking for Pikmin petals that he gathered around himself. The petals possessed various abilities, and helped to solve puzzles and riddles when used en masse. We became inspired by the idea and decided to try creating something similar. At that stage, Vasyl managed to convince me that UE4 was going to handle the objective much better than Unity - due to amazing AI and excellent NavMesh system. Thus, we’ve moved to UE4 and never had regretted about that yet.

The team core are Vasyl, UE4 developer, Victor, 2d/3d artist, Asya, technical game and level designer, and me, Artem, a game producer and owner of the studio. There are also guys who help us with marketing, musical background, animation etc. All the external people are engaged only when needed in the form of outsourcing.

So we’ve got a true indie team now, and our game has won its first prizes. In February 2017 we’ve won in the category “Best UE4 game” at GTP IndieCup Winter 2017. Then we’ve participated in the amazing WeGame 3.0 Kiev exhibition, where we’ve unexpectedly won in the category “Best indie game” and achieved a “Indie Prize Finalist” title.



Dev trailer YouTube



There are far more images available for Vidloonnya Reborn, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "The winner of GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 in nomination of the best Unreal Engine game!" - GTP Indie Cup Winter'17 Ukraine, 22 February, 2017
  • "The winner of WEGAME Awards in the nomination for the best indie game 2017 according to WEGAME." - Indie Prize Finalist by Casual Connect - WEGAME 3.0 Ukraine, 9th of April, 2017
  • "GetIT Odessa Special Amazon Award" - Special Amazon Award - GetIT Odessa 2017, 2nd of September, 2017

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Artem Savotin
Studio owner and game producer

Asya Orlova
Game designer, level designer and team coordinator

Vasyl Kalinin
Core developer UE4

Viktor Polichuk
3D environmental artist

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